growing real produce

p1030090We are a small diversified farm where everything is grown using organic practices, keeping the health of both the earth and our customers in mind. This season we were lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to grow food on an acre and a half in Mars Hill, just north of Asheville.
Brandon has been actively learning about and cultivating mushrooms for a decade, and we maintain a collection of eighteen species, three of which were cultured from local wild specimens.  He views mushrooms as the ultimate loop closer, connection maker, and need provider; ever worthy of attention and observation.
Kerry had spent seven seasons sowing seeds, trained most recently in the ethics and practices of permaculture. We focus on building the health of the soil and the health of the ecosystem follows.
When our powers combine we utilize the botanical and fungal forces to grow the kind of food we want to eat. At first glance the field could look a lot like organic row cropping but its continually being reinforced with permaculture practices to improve soil health.


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